Full Control Over Cached and Real Time Data

Gain full control and flexibility over your results cache over each individual report or dashboard. 


Holistics is designed to not store or cache your source data. 

This protects your data from being moved out from your own servers, and allows you to store any amount of data for reporting, without being limited by what we do.

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For each report query you define, you can also turn off its query cache. This means that you will get data for that selected report each time it's accessed. You can configure some reports to have their cache turned off, while other reports keep their cache.

Holistics provides a variety of ways for you to control/cache your data.

If your users access a cached query report and wants to view the real-time data instead - they do not have to wait for the cache to expire. You have the flexibility to clear your cache at any given time to remove the previous cached results so your users can access the most up-to-date data when they need it.

Cache your query results after the first run

How It Works

When a report or dashboard query is sent to your database, you can choose to cache its results after the query has completed processing. 

This protects your database from being processing the same repeated query when your user keep hitting refresh for the same report. You can also set different cache duration for different report queries.

Bust your cache anytime

Turn off caching of query results

  • Fully integrated data pipeline builder that handles both reporting and ETL
  • Quick and flexible mapping of data records, structure, and types to SQL destination
  • Easily combine data between a variety of SQL databases and tables

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