Holistics makes it easy for you to move, map, manipulate and visualize your MongoDB data, by helping you to move data easily from MongoDB into any of your SQL databases.

Data Analytics for MongoDB

Step 1. Connect your MongoDB to begin building reports

  • 3 steps to copy any MongoDB document(s) to a corresponding SQL database and build reports
  • Map data records on your destination database with simple MongoDB dot notations
  • Flexibility to move specific tables and records to your reporting database

Holistics makes automating the moving of data from MongoDB into any SQL database as easy as scheduling a recurring calendar invite.

Step 2. Automate ETLs to any 

of your own SQL databases

  • Set your sync frequency
  • Track your job status
  • Trigger jobs through the command line

Step 3. Query and visualize MongoDB data with SQL queries

After moving your MongoDB data into your own database, you can visualize your data with SQL queries.

  • Visualize charts and metrics using MongoDB data
  • Write SQL queries for your MongoDB data
  • Schedule MongoDB data reports as emails

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  • Integrated platform that handles both reporting and ETL
  • Flexible mapping of data records, structure and types to SQL destination
  • Easily combine data between MongoDB and any SQL tables

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