Embedded Analytics To Unlock Your Data's Value 

Create external dashboards for partners and customers to interact with as part of your own application, without compromising data access and security.

Embedded Analytics Empowers Your Customer Dashboards

Provide insights to external parties on your own platform, using your own database!

As easy to embed into 

your application, as embedding a YouTube video!

Secure viewership of 

permitted data, with HMAC 256 hashing for secured tokens

Trusted by our happy customers, around the world!

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By linking your reports and charts to a customer ID key-value pair, you can ensure your customers will stay on your platform to get the insights they need from your data, without having to sign in or move over to third party tools!

Step 1: Prepare a dropdown filter with your customer IDs as the key 

Three Simple Steps To Enable Embedded Analytics

Step 2: Generate your embed codes and expirable tokens

Each user can only see the data view they should, thanks to a unique Holistics viewing system using HMAC 256 hashing with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Step 3: Place your embedded iframe inside your application!

It's as easy as embedding a YouTube video!

Compact iframes allow you to easily insert your dashboard as a snippet of self-contained HTML code, right into your application.

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  • Fully integrated data pipeline builder that handles both reporting and ETL
  • Quick and flexible mapping of data records, structure and types to SQL destination
  • Easily combine data between a variety of SQL databases and tables