From ETL, data warehouse migration, to optimizing query speeds, Holistics helps improve your data infrastructure and automate your data pipeline, to make high-impact reporting easy

Automate Your Data Pipeline To Accelerate Your Growth

We've built connectors that allow you to schedule the automatic transfer of data from all major databases, spreadsheets, and Google Folders into your own data warehouse, so you can have all your essential reporting data ready when you need it.

Speed-up Long-running Queries With Data Transforms:

Optimize query performance by scheduling data transforms, to materialize your largest datasets into tables within your own database for faster querying.

Turn Your Data Pipeline Into A Growth Engine:

By automating the ETL process and making it easy to get the most essential data out fast, Holistics Data Preparation empowers your team into a lean data machine!

Easily Build Your Data Warehouse With Data Imports:

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Link your spreadsheets, Google Folders or database to Holistics.

Specify the configuration for your data sync and columnar data types.

Specify the column names and data types, and schedule the frequency of the transformation.

Schedule your data imports on a recurring basis, and your data pipeline is now automated!

 Schedule your long-running SQL queries as a data transform job.

Your query will now automatically materialize as a table in your database on schedule, for faster data reporting!

How To Use Data Preparation

Data Transforms

Data Imports

  • Fully integrated data pipeline builder that handles both reporting and ETL
  • Quick and flexible mapping of data records, structure, and types to SQL destination
  • Easily combine data between a variety of SQL databases and tables

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