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Holistics supports most SQL based databases for reporting

For non-SQL data sources (noSQL JSON stores, webAPIs)

Holistics makes it easy for you to move those data into your SQL reporting database for reporting

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Holistics does not store or sync a copy of your source data in our systems,  so your data remains securely on your own servers



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Query and transform data based on your existing database technologies

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How do I load my data into Holistics?

Holistics works directly with your data where it sits, so you don’t need to load or move your data into our systems. 

How can you analyze my data without storing it?

Holistics report queries are created from database (SQL) formulas. When a report is accessed, we send the query to your database for processing. After your database has processed the query, we display the results in your browser and visualize them.

Is my data real-time?

Yes - Your data is retrieved live from your database. Alternatively, you can also configure to cache your query results to Holistics for a fixed time duration from the time the report is first run.

Will this overload my database?

Holistics has an Intelligent cache that protects your database against duplicate queries within the same period. If nobody accesses the report, Holistics will not run any queries on your database.

I’m concerned about running analytics workload on my production database.

You can set-up a new separate database for reporting and our software to help you move, map and transform data into it from your production (or replica) database into your reporting database easily.

What if I don’t have a SQL reporting database?

Holistics query data directly off SQL databases. It’s quite easy for you to setup a hosted cloud database for your data reporting needs, and use Holistics to move your data into your own database.

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