Highlight Milestones With Annotations 

Give your team a common understanding of the events that matter, by overlaying annotations of key milestones on your charts.

  • The first launch of an iOS app
  • Your business getting featured on the media
  • New landing page with a big marketing campaign
  • A big release with an awesome feature
  • ....

Whether it's big or small, it affects your business - and hence your data-informed decision making, so it is critical to keep track of all of them!

Does your business encounter these events?

Help you keep track of what has happened on a timeline, or directly on your charts!

Infer the key events that have shaped your business.

Give viewers the full context right on your charts.

Holistics' Annotations 

Organize milestones for easy reference with hashtags.

Trusted by our happy customers, around the world!

Click on "New Annotation" to add new milestone or event.  You can use #Hashtag to organize your event by category.

Provide contextual information for all of your charts at ease

Open any chart which includes the specified date, to see your annotation in action!

Login and go to Annotations on the left panel. There you will see all the milestones and events!

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