Works Directly With Your SQL Databases

Holistics gives you full control and ownership of your data


Other data sources

We know your database contains your most sensitive data, which is why Holistics is designed not to store any of your database data against your choice.

We work with your existing database technology. Some prefer Google BigQuery over Amazon Redshift, or Presto over Hive, some are comfortable with their own PostgreSQL or MySQL database. We support it no matter what.

Connect Directly To Your Database

Get instant access to real-time data, directly from your database, while ensuring your database don’t get overloaded with repetitive concurrent queries.

Holistics lets you use your own storage and processing power of your own database, allowing you to scale up or down your query processing speed based on your needs and budget

Data Transport

You Own your Data 100%

By working with your data where it lives, Holistics help you to eliminate duplicate storage costs that other BI vendors pass on to you and your data is no longer held hostage by them.

Enjoy the ease of knowing that your sensitive database data sits safely within your own premise, always.

Data Import